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My husband and I were a part of Kansas City Fellowship from its inception, until 1990. Here’s our story.

We were part of the original church that Mike Bickle started in the early 80′s called Kansas City Fellowship. In fact, when Mike first arrived in Kansas City, he spoke at a women’s bible study that I was attending at the time. It was the first time I had heard contemplative prayer taught. I was so intrigued by his teaching, I made it a point to attend his soon to be new church.

From the church’s early beginnings, we were wowed by the fact that this church seemed to be commissioned by God. We were encouraged to read about the modern revivals, such as Azuza Street, and modern revivalists, such as Mary Woodworth Edder, and Charles Finney. We were also encouraged to read about the life of David Brainerd, especially his devotion to prayer. Also on the list of required reading were all of Kenneth Hagin’s books. All of this was to prepare us for the coming revival in knowing what to expect.

A point I wish to make, in regards to KCF’s beginnings, is the original prophet who spoke to Mike back in St. Louis. This man prophesied that Mike needed to move to Kansas City to begin this new move of God. His name was Augustine Acolla. He was later dismissed as somewhat false when a certain prophecy never came to pass. He was also later discovered to have a hidden homosexual lifestyle what was exposed before he passed away, but he needs to be included in the Kansas City Prophets head count, as he was highly esteemed and credited from the beginning as a true prophet.

Mike’s main focus, in the early days, was to pray for God to pour out His holy spirit as he did in the days of Acts. During the first year when Bob Jones came on the scene, this focus remained the same with the added oooing and awwwwing associated with having our own resident prophet. We were so flattered regarding our calling to be THE group that would usher in the revival to beat all revivals. He told us that we had been invited to pray this thing in. He had all kinds of remarkable tales of God having promised him, through the years, that a generation would arise in his (Bob’s) future that would someday receive him. And we were that people.

During the first year of the fellowship, a solumn assembly was called, the first of several, where we were called to fast and pray for twenty-one days, at the end of which, the Lord was going to fill us with his holy spirit as he did on the day of pentecost. So, fast and pray we did. This commission purportedly came about when both Mike, and Bob Jones, received a personal visitation from the angel, Gabriel, who gave both of them the same scripture, which was Daniel Chapter 9. The angel told both of them of the need for this solemn assembly to take place. We began the fast which was to conclude at the end of May. We spent many days and nights binding and loosing territorial spirits in order to open up the heavenlies so God could pour his spirit down.

At the end of the fast, absolutely nothing happened. That’s when the focus began to somewhat change. It was discovered, by the leadership, that we didn’t have the proper wineskin in place to recieve the new wine promised by the angel Gabriel. So, continuing our routine to pray every night and day for the Lord to send his spirit, we began to receive teaching entitled “commitment classes” which lasted for about two years. Absolutely anyone who wanted to participate in any kind of ministry at the church, be it on the worship team, or volunteering with the children, had to undergo these classes. The gist of the teaching was church government and how the city needed an apostolic leader over all the churches in order for the believers to contain this level of annointing. I kid you not. These were the most boring classes to attend, but attend them we did, because everyone, and I mean everyone didn’t want to miss this “move of God”, and everyone wanted a leadership type position.

It was during this time that the prophets were on the move, prophesying to churches to submit to Mike, or else they’d be left out. It was also at this time that my hustand and I began to become seriously confused. Our lives began to grow too busy to attend the nightly prayer meetings any longer. We were a young growing family with toddlers to raise. The prophesies were confusing and very “cosmic” in nature. The ones that were clear enough to follow, weren’t coming to pass.

Also, those of us attending the nightly prayers meetings were seeing the original “vision” change. We were on board for the “pray night and day until” vision, but the rules kept changing, and Mike was becoming a sensation. It seemed that MANY ministries throughout the Unitied States, and even England, were embracing his “city church” vision, and were equally wowed by the prophets. When the Vinyard began showing interest, they appeared more influenced by Mike and the prophets, than the other way around.

One other important fact that never gets mentioned, and has since been removed from the history. Mike had a paraplegic brother named Pat whom we were close to. Pat always attended the evening prayer meetings which we also attended. Keep in mind, the early prayer movement was very sparce, a far cry from what it looks like today. Just a dozen or so faithful regularly attended. As a result, we got to know one another pretty well. Well, amongst all the prophecies and promises of the spirit being poured out on us, there was ALWAYS the promise that Pat would be healed. So often was that promise repeated that we spoke of it as a “given.” All of the prophets mentioned it numerous times. In fact, it was going to be THE EVENT that started the whole ball rolling.

Sadly, Pat passed away a few years ago. More sadly, however, is how this often stated prophecy, at least how pivotal it was, was erased from the history. Now, when new IHOPers listen to the 18 plus hours of how IHOP came to be, they won’t know about Pat and that profound promise that we hoped for in his healing.

It was at this time that my husband and I set aside all the nonsense we had been taught, and turned to the scriptures, alone, for guidance. The Lord graciously revealed the Gospel to us and our confusion ceased. We knew, clearly enough, that this message of the Cross was not being preached, nor was it ever preached. My husband tried to talk to Mike about it a number of times, but was not received well. When Ernie Gruen preached his memorable sermon “Do we keep smiling and say nothing,” we left. His sermon helped us see the error of the whole prophetic thing.      

Back then, I assumed that this whole thing would just fizzle out. How wrong I was. We now have grown children who rub elbows with other grown children influenced by IHOP. While our children have been taught the error of this movement, I find it necessary to reteach the “why’s” of whats wrong with all of this, especially since so many churches here in Kansas City have people in their congregations who also attend IHOP. And now with the “student awakening” under way, it’s all the buzz in local christian circles.

I hope this testimony is somehow helpful to persons who are doubting this movement.

What is an Apostle today? Here is a link to a teaching that describes true Apostles, I only read the notes but the idea is that these guys are not the Apostles they say they are.



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Fuller Theological Seminary has fostered, nurtured, and promoted the apostasy globally. By devising and implementing “strategies” and “methodologies” that run the gamut from introducing heretical doctrine, to manipulation of spiritual forces through the bringing down of “fire” from heaven, virtually all pockets of resistance to this global movement have been overcome. The following are just a sampling of the men who have contributed to framing the heretical doctrine being taught at Fuller and spread throughout the world today. Literally thousands of church leaders have been trained and “deployed” into “power” positions from this seminary

C. Peter Wagner – a missions strategist, a ‘think-tankers’ genius who has contrived methodologies and strategies for the re-introduction of the ‘gifts’ and the ‘mission’ to the church. He co-authored MC510 Signs and Wonders with John Wimber and took this course globally to every continent. He and John were the implementers of the ‘restoration’ of the missing “holy spirit” to the church… The Post-denominational Church Movement and AD2000 United Prayer TrackSpiritual Warfare movement are spearheaded by C. Peter Wagner. Involved with him in that work are several dozen church leaders including Francis Frangipane (co-pastor with Reuven Doron – working under direct authority of Latter Rain leader, James Watt), Ed Silvoso, Ted Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, James Morroco, John Dawson, Esther Ilnisky, Larry Stockstill, Larry Lea et al. (8)


John Wimber – by utilizing methodologies from the Fuller think tank, John took seminars around the world to “reintroduce” the missing ‘gifts and offices’ to the church. He preached a blatant ‘Kingdom Now’ restoration and dominion theology complete with their expectation of a ‘great end-time harvest and revival’, a revival, remember that would involve mass numbers of people. Wimber was a premier student of Fuller’s ilk. Traveling on their behalf for four years in the early 1970’s, he successfully introduced Cho’s cell church theory in his “Church Growth” seminars. After he left Fuller, he successfully took restoration theology to most of the major denominations of the world. His seminars included Healing (how to heal!), Davidic worship (how to get ‘beyond the veil’, and into the throne room!), Holiness (perfection in the physical body of the saints – manifested sons theology), and on and on his seminars go….signs and wonders, apostolic offices, etc….it is completely manifested sons, including their perverted eschatology. John is directly responsible for promoting, equipping, and developing methodologies that resulted in the aberrant “manifestations” called the “Toronto Blessing”. The major players in this movement were all personally trained by Wimber, and had directly received their teaching of and entry into (by the laying on of hands) what they call the ‘Holy Spirit’ directly from Wimber. Pastors who promote and operate in this same “power” force, are the major “players” in the Promise Keepers Movement. This thinly veiled political constituency is operating behind the scenes to change our government using the massive numbers of their constituency as leverage to gain entry into the law-making process.


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Here is another example of where there is smoke there is fire. This is for the MO IHOP. It does not make sense how they can legally get away with this? And still have Tax exemption status. The below reads like a well thought out way to hide assets and bury money.

IS Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer is involved with a huge real estate scam.
In their active recruiting they charge interns ( mostly foreign students) $4500 for a 6 month internship at a non accredited University. This includes food heat and a few books. They put  on average 6 girls each in a 2 bedroom apartment which IHOP own through Glad heart reality of which Mike Bickle’s wife is president of http://gladheartrealty.com/agents.php
They own houses all over the area which when purchased have upwards of 17 people living in 1 house in groups.
This does not match there assets on there listing ofhttp://www.faqs.org/tax-exempt/MO/International-House-Of-Prayer.html#b
each property and house are listed in different peoples names?
How can they legally do this and still qualify for not having  to pay income tax and qualify for non tax status? than Bickle makes it look like him and his wife live with there mother n law in a small side of a duplex? what is he hiding?

The bulk of this money is being buried somewhere as there expenses do not match the money they are making. Why are they allowed to get away with this it needs to be investigated by the SEC. Also all of there records need to be publically viewed along with there assets with there real estate company.

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The manifest order of the sons of God is a link into the New World order

Proof all of these false prophets are linked to it




TITUS 1: 10 For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision, 11 whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. 12 One of them, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, 14 not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn from the truth.
15 To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.
16 They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work

With the Death of Bethaney Deaton one has to now broach the subject of how this could happen in a supposedly Godly Church? If anyone is not familiar with this news story as it has been conveniently buried by the press one has to question where there is smoke there is fire.


And with the Churches ignorance in going about introducing these new heresies into the Church one has to question the logic behind this newly emerging old doctrine. One only has to go back into the old testament to truly understand how far back sex has been used as an entrance for spirits. In fact the Old testament is full of Baal worship where even in the time of Ahab and Jezebel temple prostitution was a fundamental process in acquiring  alternate reality.

Only in this past century has it become known that there are 10 dimensions in the Universe. We basically operate out of 3 of them hence the term 3 dimensional. The 2 dimensions we operate out of our the physical that which is seen and the invisible including things like gravity and oxygen that we need to be able to exist.

Would it not make sense than that we are in a limited dimension and it seems that over the course of time mankind has developed ways to access these bodiless spirits ( Demons) that have fallen from the great war in heaven.

It is clear in the word of God we can only be oppressed if we allow it and open the doors. It seems to me that every False Prophet and doctrine now adays offers a different flavor of deception.

In books like the book of Enoch it is given in precise detail how one can access the alternate realities that are needed to order to have powerful demons pass through dimension. Of course it is not dwelled upon that in order to access this one has to pay a price. One that is detrimental to the person acquiring this power. In plain words one gives themselves over to totally denying Christ and assures entrance to the eternity of Hell. Of course Satan loves this and eagerly offers fame, money and wealth in exchange for this temporal ecstasy. The whole of revelations dwells on this endtime deception which is of course is against Lucifer ( Satan) and his fallen Angels.

Blood and extreme emotional Chaos are  entrances…usually done through brutal torture and murder.

But there are more subtle ways the enemy is moving now adays in his full infiltration of the mainstream Church.

Voodoo and also Eastern mysticism have now been embraced by mainstream Pastors in an effort to control out of control problems in the Church such as Divorce… Pornography. And perversion.

Tantric sex which is derived from Yoga is one of these means. The Kundalini spirit is a False Holy Spirit and has infiltrated now in full force to these many deceived and rebellious people who are so easily swayed.

This new Sexuality and Contemplative Gnosticism has switched the full meaning and words of Christ to a new type of reality which goes by experience and alternate reality instead of the word of God and relationship with the Holy Spirit. It teaches people not to question but blindly obey and places many into very dangerous spiritual  abberations.

Mike Bickle has been rumored to have been using this and allowing it since the 1970’s. One only has to look at his practices of disallowing any form of media and keeping his recruits locked up on his compounds with little social interaction with the rest of the world. This is very similar to other cults such as David koreesh and Rev Jim Jones. The ultimate outcome of course was death. How will this be achieved as most of Bickles young recruits seem to be educated and intelligent  by way of fanaticism.

That same fanaticism that follows groups like Islam and encourages and promote martyrdom. This is facilitated through the encouragement of stock piling of  guns and ammunition and also teaching martyrdom.

Sadly this all is done to help keep Mike Bickle in his multimillion dollar lifestyle that he is used to. He has the constant problem of high turn over so everything in his approach is meant to create a quick recruitment.

If everyone of Bickles proteges would simple get back to reading the word and get away from all of the loud music and emotional manipulation they would clearly see that this whole movement has little to do with God and everything to do with being deceived.

I think it would be nice if the IHOP people would know how much money Mike Bickle makes from keeping people in this perpetual state of altered reality.

In the meantime as more and more of the truth comes out I would hope more pastors would start to stand up in telling the truth and becoming true men of God.  They would change there roles and truly become keepers of the flock and stop allowing the sheep to be slaughtered by the wolves.

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Man handcuffed illegally outside international House of prayer
On November 15 th 2012 a 36 yearold SEAN  SMITH was illegally handcuffed and left outside with 3 security guards armed with guns at Red Bridge RD Grandview city International house of prayer.
The man’s offence? having a Face book and Twitter account that posted truth about the Cult to its unsuspecting followers.
Where ever in the Christian Church’s history has it been illegal to tell the truth?
Sean was at the IHOP to pray for murdered Bethany Deaton for her family and friends. Sean had been going to the Church that past week and had not once done anything illegal or out of line.
According the Sean he was sitting praying when an older security guard approached him and tapped him on his shoulder. He then informed him that he had to come with him to because the Grandview police Department wanted to speak to him.
Sean did not resist arrest and was told “yes you are the one we are looking for”. “ Grandview Police want to talk to you”. The older security guard held a folder of papers listing the tweets and Face book page that were posting about Bethany’s murder and the cult activities that were deceiving so many within this Church. This is still legal to do and had nothing to do with his behavior with in the Church. In fact it is biblical for us to question error when we see it in the Church. If Sean was not disruptive in there service it made what they did totally against the Law.
As they went outside of the church there were no police so Sean went to walk away from them to go to his car and drive away. When 2 younger security guards grabbed him and forcibly handcuffed his arms behind his back.
He was left standing outside in the freezing cold forcibly handcuffed for 3 hours until finally 2 Grandview Police officers came. One of them a woman was obviously involved with the Church as they ordered the security guards to uncuff Sean. SO what is this Grandview Police are you now owned by Mike Bickle and paid off under the table? What is this the Law according to Mike Bickle?

The police informed them they were not allowed to hand cuff him and forcibly detain him. The Security then lied and claimed Sean had forced them to because he resisted arrest. Sean was then told by the police that he was banned off of I hops property and that if he was seen there again he would be arrested for trespassing. The police would not accept or take the folder of Face book page or Tweets because they knew this is against the Law.
What is it going to take for people to see that this fringe Church is not Godly or even biblical in how it is treating people?
Where anywhere in the word of God does it say to use a gun and hand cuff a fellow Christian?
Maybe if you were Islamic but we are in the United States of America…a Free Country!!!!!
What is it going to take for people to see that this is a dangerous cult? The music that is played and the testimonies against this Church are starting to mount. It is becoming very obvious they are not of God and are using newage mystical teaching that are eerily similar to the Manson Family. Waco..And Jim Jones. The same tactics that are used in the military with MK uLtra and also Non lethal weapons have made their way into Christendom..is this any coincidence?
Any parent who does not recognize this dangerous cult and is allowing their Children to be involved are showing a lack of spiritual discernment.
The spirit of error in this Church is very grave and any true Christian needs to investigate how much error is in this movement.
I believe that the Murder of Bethany Deaton and the other babies and people as the death toll starts to mount is a very obvious where there is “smoke there is fire”. What is really going on in the Mike Bickles multimillion dollar Compound ? This obviously is just the tip of the ICEBURGE and I would most heartily say that if you are a parent allowing your Children involvement with this church that you need to google the many testimonies and murders associated with this LYING CULT
They have already been caught lying and covering up the Bethany Deaton Murder is this not obvious enough that there is something very wrong going on here?
Why are so many Christians not questioning this but blindly accepting this corrupt unbiblical version of new age that has blindly infiltrated into the Church?

It is time for the real Church to step up and save our children from this obvious NEW AGE CULT before we have another embarrassing WACO on our hands …this time involving millions of people in Christianity. WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!!

for more information on how this Cult now has armed Guards that carry ammunition please go to this link


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Mike Bickles Invasion

The KCF was founded in 1982 by Mike Bickle. By 1986, its leaders formed Grace Ministries, an umbrella organization designed to facilitate the emergence of a “new breed” into the church — end-time prophets. These they held to be part of the restored “five-fold ministry” (Eph. 4:11). These ministries immediately came under fire in the Kansas City area due to the teachings of KCF pastors Bickle, Jones, Jackson, and others. Strange stories were emerging of these men experiencing angelic visitations, visiting heaven and hell, perceiving auras around people, and giving public prophetic instructions to people (many of which did not come to pass). They also claimed to have received revelations from God on many subjects — including the economy, weather patterns, and natural disasters (many of which also proved to be false).

Later, Paul Cain — a former associate of William Branham (1909-1965) — joined this leadership circle. Cain is considered by KCF leaders and by Wimber to be a powerful prophet on the cutting edge of a new wave of end-time “superprophets.” Cain — alleged by some to have predicted the California earthquake of December 3, 1988 and the Soviet-Armenian earthquake of December 8, 1988 — has also become affiliated with Wimber. Together, this new prophetic movement has gone national and has been promoted by influential voices in the charismatic movement, including Charisma and Christian Lifemagazine.

Gruen, one of the fathers of the charismatic movement in Kansas City, said little on the movement until January of this year when he released a tape titled “Do We Keep Smiling and Say Nothing?” In the tape, Gruen accused KCF of sending out false prophets, of “prophesying” area churches would close down (and then join KCF), and of outright lying.

Gruen also released a 233-page document to Christian leaders across America listing other alleged abuses at the KCF — including charges that its leaders were involved in occultism and with teaching variations of the elitist “Manifest Sons of God” heresy of the Latter Rain Movement (1948-1952). This teaching, based on an unorthodox interpretation of Romans 8:19, is that in the end times certain overcomers will be glorified or “manifested” to the world as sons of God. Some hold they will even attain immortalization and be able to move in and out of the supernatural and natural realms.

Due to the agreement with Wimber, however, Gruen stopped sending out the report in July.

Wimber’s 15-point statement agrees with many of the main points outlined by Gruen. Wimber admitted KCF has a “lack of accountability for prophecies that do not come true,” and that KCF leaders were wrong in engaging in the following practices:

  • Prophesying judgment against people without “first confronting them.”
  • Giving “public predictions of natural disasters, economic events, and divine visitations.”
  • Using prophetic utterances for “controlling purposes.”
  • “Teaching or implying that KCF and Vineyard are an elite group or that we are the leaders of a new elite group about to be revealed by God.”

Despite the attempt at correction, however, questions remain about the role of Wimber and the Vineyard in correcting the KCF problems. There are suspicions that the KCF had already affected Wimber prior to the battle with Gruen. Charismatic leader Jamie Buckingham wrote in the May/June issue of Ministries Today that, “Now John Wimber has picked up the prophetic baton [from Mike Bickle’s KCF] and is running strongly. His February Anaheim conference featured many of the prophets from the Kansas City Fellowship. It drew a reported 9,000 — with 4,000 turned away.”

Wimber’s own testimony is another factor. In the Fall 1989 Equipping the Saints magazine (a Vineyard publication), Wimber wrote that in October 1988, while on a trip to Scotland, Bickle convinced him to consider changing the Vineyard’s emphasis to that of a prophetic ministry. Two months later, he was hooked up with Paul Cain, who soon became an important part of the Vineyard ministry. Wimber also strongly affirmed his belief that the prophets in the new movement need not be accurate with their pronouncements: “Prophecy’s first expressions will likely be infantile,” Wimber wrote. “Babies are messy and they make messes.”

The centerpiece of this issue of Equipping the Saints — an article by Kevin Springer entitled “Paul Cain: A New Breed of Man” — introduces the new prophetic ministry to the Vineyard. The story highlights the life of Cain and how he became affiliated with KCF and with Wimber himself.

“As the years rolled by Paul kept looking for the new breed,” the article states. “Then in 1987 God directed him to a small meeting of pastors in Birmingham, Alabama. There he met Mike Bickle and several of his colleagues from the Kansas City Fellowship.”

The article concludes with a call to “join the new breed of men and women whom God is raising up in the “90s.”


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